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If you’re looking for a trusted contractor for handling your concrete needs, give our business a call today. We offer the highest quality work at the best rates in the area. Our project managers coordinate with our crews to make sure the entire process is handled as smoothly as possible. Whatever you need concrete for, we can work with you to make sure you’re getting the final product that you deserve.

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Concrete Contractor in Your City

Our team can provide a wide range of services for both residential and commercial locations, including:

Our Services

We can handle preparing a foundation for a completely new building or adding concrete to improve your existing property. We’re available every day of the week except Sunday, and we’ll always put in all of our effort to deliver a dependable final product. Call us today to find out how we can help you with any and all concrete problems.

Commercial Concrete

If you own a commercial building, you likely need concrete components both internal and external to the building. We provide skillful service in adding concrete to commercial locations in this area

Concrete Patio

By choosing to hire Mission Viejo Concrete Services to build your patio, you'll benefit from the best quality workmanship and seamless customer services. With us, you'll be more than happy with your concrete patio and you'll have the pleasure to use it for many years to come.

Stamped Concrete

Among the benefits of concrete stamping we can mention lower costs, lower levels of maintenance, and more versatility in choosing the design. We can make poured concrete fit the exact look you have in mind, without any compromise on the functionality of the end product.

Concrete Pool Deck

Decorative concrete allows creating swimming pool decks that match any type of landscape and outdoor environment. They can replicate expensive construction materials such as wood, slate and stone.

Commercial Concrete Services Many components of commercial properties require solid concrete work. We can help you add the concrete you need, whether it’s functional, aesthetic, or in place to help your property’s value. We work hard for our commercial clients to finish concrete projects that will help the property as a whole succeed in the future. We’ve got strong attention to detail and a keen eye toward communicating clearly along the way. That’s why we’re the absolute best business to go with for your commercial concrete needs..

Concrete Buildings

When you’re putting up a new building, you want it to be made of the strongest materials possible. Concrete is built to last, and we can help you incorporate it into your new building project in this area.

Concrete Coring

Laying concrete is hard enough; removing it or trying to tunnel through it is even harder. Our company has years of expertise and the best tools on the market to help drill through concrete. If you need concrete in this area, we can help.

Concrete Curbs

Curbs can be placed onto a property to stop vehicles from accidentally driving up onto the grass and provide clear lines for parking. Besides that, they also increase the property value for potential future sales. Best of all, concrete curbs last a long time without costing much. Consider calling us for helping with the installation of new concrete curbs at your property.

Masonry Services Our approach to masonry takes classic methods that have been in use for hundreds of years and combines them with the latest technology and upgraded tools. Our stonework and masonry can add a sense of style to your walkway, fireplace, or deck. Whatever the job, we will put in the effort to not only meet your expectations but surpass them. You won’t believe how little our services cost in comparison to the extreme beauty we’re able to create. Contact us today to learn how we can use masonry to make your living space more beautiful and increase the property value of your home at the same time.

Colored ConcreteConcrete doesn’t always have to be bland and boring. With colored concrete, we can play with not only the color but also the texture, size, and shape of the concrete slabs on your property. If you want your concrete flooring to look like stone or wood, we can make it happen. If you want your concrete flooring to have a mesmerizing pattern or loud colors, we can make it happen. If you think all concrete is dusty and gray, we’re ready to change your mind and show you just how eye-catching your concrete spaces can be.

Foundation InspectionThe foundation is the core piece to any home; if it isn’t done well, the house as a whole will not last. Even a foundation that started off strong can weaken as a house settles over decades. We can use our expertise in this subject to catch problems before they become major disasters, and then we can work with you to fix those issues and protect your house for decades to come

Why You Should Choose Us

We Are Licensed And Insured

Allowing an uninsured worker to do a dangerous job on your property is tempting fate. You could easily get stuck with a huge hospital bill or even a lawsuit. We guarantee that all of our employees are insured and have gone through the proper licensing procedures to do the difficult work we do. This includes difficult tests that establish a strong base of knowledge in our field. Between our insurance and our licenses, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got the best people handling your concrete work.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

At our business, we have one passion: finishing concrete jobs that are so well-done, you’ll fall in love with them. From the smallest home improvements to the biggest commercial buildings, we are ready to tackle all concrete work with the same devotion to getting the job done right.

Service You Can Depend On

We truly believe that we are the best in the business. Our team has built up experience over years of working tough concrete jobs, and we have consistently left our customers extremely satisfied with the results.

A Polished Approach

Our customers have grown to expect the best from us in all regards, and that’s especially true when it comes to our special technique for polishing concrete. We work with the best equipment, tools, and products in the business, alongside high-quality material to make sure that the end product is something that looks and feels great and will last.


Our team of professionals takes a thorough approach to each and every one of our concrete jobs. From the first phases of pre-construction to the completion of a project, we’re absolutely committed to bringing our customers the highest quality possible. We’ll work with you directly through the whole process, providing constant communication on where we are and what the plan is moving forward. Through that, we guarantee the best concrete work that you could ever want.

Things To Know About Concrete

Concrete is one of the most ubiquitous materials of modern life, and there’s a good reason for that. Concrete has the ability to be poured into any design or shape, which makes it ideal for roads and any other purposes. Concrete is extremely strong, which makes it well-suited for serving as a base material in construction. It also happens to be made primarily from limestone, which is the most plentiful mineral on Earth, so running out is never really a concern.

While concrete isn’t known for being particularly flashy, it actually has a lot of flexibility regarding how it looks. Concrete stamping, coloring, and coating allow you to both enhance the functionality of the concrete, by making it resist damage better, but also change the aesthetics of the concrete by making it colorful, patterned, or even covered in artwork.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Concrete?

When considering options for flooring in homes, most people won’t spend a lot of time thinking about concrete. However, concrete can actually offer a lot to residential floors. There’s a good reason that concrete has been the go-to material for flooring in commercial buildings for a long time, but now concrete is being used a lot more often for creating floors in homes as well.

Why would you want to use concrete for your floors? Here are five strong reasons to at least give it some thought:

Cheap Cost – Concrete quite simply doesn’t cost as much as many alternative flooring materials. And despite the savings, it is still very strong and can be made to look very nice.

Little Upkeep – You may love the look of a carpeted or wood floor, but these other materials can require a lot more maintenance over time. With a concrete floor, regardless of spills, heavy drops, or other problems, you shouldn’t need to do any major repairs more often than once every few years.

Temperature Control – It’s a common misconception that concrete floors lead to a colder temperature. In reality, many other common floor materials, such as ceramic and marble, provide the exact same temperature control as concrete. Concrete is good at keeping warmth in during the winter and also provides a slightly cooler surface for the summer months, which may reduce your dependence on air conditioning.

Long-Lasting – There simply is not a more durable material for flooring than concrete. Regardless of how bad weather gets or how many people you have crossing your floor every day, concrete is built to last.

A Safe Surface – Another mistake many people make with concrete flooring is the belief that it’s more slippery than other surface types. Professional concrete contractors will finish the flooring with a non-slip addition that will make sure the floor is not especially slippery at all.

How To Keep Safe While Installing Concrete

Working with concrete is not to be taken lightly. Concrete slabs can weigh a lot, and accidents can cause major injuries or even death. That’s why concrete work should really only be handled by professionals.

At our company, we have a full crew of hard workers who have been trained to follow the latest and best guidelines. We’ve spent decades working with concrete, and we know how to do the job efficiently and to a high degree of quality but without skimping on safety. We’re your best choice for providing great service and avoiding the potential for danger.


The Mission Viejo Concrete Service Promise

Our company has spent decades focused on both commercial and residential concrete work. Whether you’re looking for decorative concrete additions to your home, a concrete foundation for your new commercial location, or dozens of other concrete projects, we are here to help. And we’ll do it with a guaranteed quality that no one else in the area can match.

In addition to concrete construction services, we’re also able to demolish and remove concrete structures. We own and operate our own dump trucks and Bobcat utility vehicle to help you clean out a site. We also have all the necessary licenses to do contract work in this area, and our contractors are fully insured so you don’t need to worry about injuries that happen while they’re working on your project.

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