Masonry Contractor in Mission Viejo CA

What does a mason do?

Masons are professionals who work with a wide range of materials including brick, stone, and concrete to install things like retaining walls, chimneys, patios, and even entire homes. Their broad expertise is an untapped resource for many homeowners. Even the simplest of features can enhance a space, such as a stone veneer accent wall for enhancing the interior design or a pathway for curb appeal. 

There are three unique specialties that masons have, with some having the experience and qualifications of the three: brick, stone, and concrete. 

  • Stone Masons: These handle manufactured and natural stone along with veneer products, which allows them to create different installations. These include walls, home facades, as well as both exterior and interior flooring. Stone workers are professionals at manipulating the material so that it can fit any look and design. 
  • Concrete Masons: These work with block and poured concrete. The pouring process often involves leveling, finishing, and managing the effect of weather on the concrete as the cement hardens. Concrete masons can also work with metal reinforcements to help in supporting their installations. Some of their common jobs are sidewalks, driveways, walls, and columns. 
  • Brick Masons: These work with brick, whether it’s reals, solid, manufactured, or veneer. They are also referred to as “bricklayers”. The process needs a lot of care and attention as the lines are usually uniform and don’t forgive errors. Some of the common installations include fireplaces, chimneys, walls, columns, and patios. 

For most interior applications, homeowners have the option of using veneer products to achieve their desired look. Veneer is primarily lighter than brick or natural stone, and is therefore easier to install. It also usually comes at a lower price point, since it contains much less natural brick or stone and transporting it is much easier. 

Chimney and Fireplace Masonry
Fireplaces are more than just a hole through the wall where you can burn food; they can serve as a true heart of your home. Professional masonry work can really make a difference here, and make a stunning impression based on the features you want. There’s arguably no other place in your home that can show a greater difference between cheap imitations and authentic masonry work.

Walkways and Patios
A professional mason can transform your yard into one connected whole, giving you a more living space with extra stone or brick patio and walkway. Aside from these common projects, there are many other landscaping projects that can help to add value and curb appeal to your property.

Retaining or Garden Walls
These are shorter walls that are typically used to hold a sloping lawn or frame gardens. There are lots of materials that work for these kinds of installations. You can use manufactured or natural stone, and veneer or brick around a concrete core.

Stone or Brick Steps
On average, stone step installation costs about $2,200 and can go as little $1,000 and as much as $12,000. The brick steps should ideally cost $150 to $300 per step.

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