Concrete Slab Contractor in Mission Viejo

At Mission Viejo Concrete Services, we do everything in our power to offer the best services possible to residents of the Mission Viejo area who choose our services. We provide a wide array of services such as slab work, driveways, sidewalks, and patios. We are ready and willing to offer you the top-notch quality concrete services you deserve, at prices that won’t break your bank.

  • Garage Slabs
    The traditional garage slab, with a thickness of 4 inches, and with 12 inches thick turn down edges. The thickness and the additional materials required to keep the structure in place are in direct relationship with the size of the vehicles you want to keep in your garage.
  • Hand Trowel Finish
    The hand trowel finish is one of the services we provide to our clients in Mission Viejo. We achieve a hard and smooth surface finish by using a steel towel to compact the concrete slabs.
  • Broom Finish
    As you can probably imagine, we obtain the broom finishes by sweeping a broom across the concrete slab in your Mission Viejo home. The result is a uniform appearance that’s visually appealing. In addition, this textured finish provides better traction and superior water drainage properties.
  • Decorative Concrete Flooring Finish
    Decorative concrete flooring solutions are good looking, durable, and almost maintenance-free.

Workmanship Warranty

At Mission Viejo Concrete Services, we use only the best practices in the industry. We choose our suppliers and our materials with the greatest care possible, in order to provide you with the best services you could find.

Nevertheless, humans are prone to making mistakes, even under strict supervision. As a result, your project may have minor imperfections.

There are factors that can damage concrete, factors we can’t influence or control. Normal wear and tear, de-icing, heavy cars, equipment and various chemicals can damage concrete slabs.


Concrete will sooner or later crack, that’s a fact. This is the very nature of this material. Our warranty refers to the degree of cracked concrete. We cover cracks that are more than 1/2 inch in either height or gap. Anything smaller than this is considered normal in the concrete construction business.

Shifting Or Settling
All concrete will shift or settle. Even though we do a brilliant job at compacting the soil, concrete slabs will eventually settle. Since soil stability is beyond our control, we can’t offer any shifting and settling warranties.

Popping Or Flaking
Weathering may lead to exposing one or more stones. However, this doesn’t affect the integrity of the slab. According to construction industry standards, flaking and popping that spreads over less than 20% of the concrete slab surface is considered normal.

Since every concrete mix is different, we can’t match the color of your already existing concrete mix. We can’t offer any warranty that our end result will match the color of your existing product.

With skilled and certified engineers, and a desire to keep each and every client happy, Mission Viejo Concrete Services is your best choice for concrete services in Mission Viejo. Give us a call today at 949-577-8150 to ask for a free quote on our services.