Concrete Sidewalk Contractor in Mission Viejo CA

Mission Viejo Concrete Services is a premier provider of concrete services such as the concrete sidewalk for your Mission Viejo home. We have earned a reputation for many reasons, including providing all our clients with 24/7 service and weekend hours. Mission Viejo Concrete Services Is not just a concrete contractor, we are an organization that cares about our customers, and we know that our services should ideally fit your schedule. As such, don’t settle for just any concrete sidewalks considering you can get the very best from our company. 

Sidewalks for your home in Mission Viejo

There several reasons why concrete sidewalks have become quite popular among homeowners in Mission Viejo. Concrete is very affordable. And for walkways, it’s the material that makes the most economic sense to use. Concrete is easy to use in any design, shape, or form, and it can easily cover a large surface area. Since it’s usually poured, you can use it for both straight and curved walkways. 

When it comes to durability, you won’t find anything in this price range that will last you as long. Concrete can handle daily wear and tear comfortably, and you can bet it will deliver optimal performance and durability. 

Concrete also requires little maintenance. Cleaning it and repairing the occasional minor cracks should keep it going for many years to come. You also have the option of altering the look with different designs and color. Colored or stamped concrete can completely change the overall visual aesthetic of concrete surfaces. 

Common Causes of Cracking Concrete

Concrete cracks due to a multitude of possible causes – there’s no one reason that can explain them all.


No Crushed Stone Base

Without a base of crushed stone, a concrete slab will be more susceptible to forces from the environment such as water or soil movement washing away the subgrade.


Lack of Control Joints

Control joints are lines that are tooled or cut into slabs when concrete is placed. Although the joints don’t exactly prevent slab from cracking, rather, they help in planning where the concrete could crack. 


Missing Construction Joints

Construction joints are mainly used for connecting two separate slabs. The control joints ideally help keep the two slabs from slipping and pushing against one another. This could lead to cracking and tripping hazards.


Wrong Mix Designs of Concrete

Everything from air, water content, and temperature has to be just right as far as concrete mix design goes. Fortunately, knowledgeable companies supply modern concrete designs that rarely lead to cracking. 

With a team of experienced engineers, a diverse background, and a willingness to go the extra mile, we have become the first choice for anyone looking for concrete services in Mission Viejo. Get in touch with us today at 949-577-8150 for your free estimate.