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Concrete Landscape Borders

Decorative concrete pool decks are the latest trend in home design. This stylish and welcoming area surrounding the pool is the perfect spot for people to relax, sunbathe or hang out. Even though a pool deck is similar to a regular patio, it has additional requirements such as slip resistance, orientation and sun reflectivity.

What Options Are There To Repair Pool Decks? >

There are many ways to repair a damaged pool deck, provided that the structure of the concrete hasn’t been affected. Depending on your available budget and on the condition of the concrete, you can choose between applying a fresh coat of stain and undergoing a complete resurfacing of the pool deck with a decorative overlay.

For best results, you need to start by removing all unsound concrete and fill in the cracks before proceeding to the repair. If your pool deck is settling or isn’t properly sloped, you’ll have to remove the water and to re-level the surface.

  • Concrete Pool Deck ResurfacingIf you notice crackling, scaling or spalling, you should resurface your concrete pool deck with a concrete overlay or microtopping. This will cover up all flaws, while also allowing you to add color and texture to curb the appeal of your pool. Some of these systems are able to improve the slip resistance and the heat reflectivity of the pool deck.
  • Recoloring – Although most concrete stains, pigments and coloring procedures are durable and weatherproof, years can make them look dull. There are many factors that can lead to the discoloration of pool decks such as attacks by pool chemicals, sun exposure, and improper weathering.

The good news is that you can bring back the vivid color of your pool deck by applying a new coat of acid or water-based stain. Make sure you choose a UV-resistant product and a high-quality sealer to preserve the beautiful look of your pool for many years. Reach us at 949-577-8150 and get a free quote.