Concrete Foundation Laying in Mission Viejo CA

What You Need To Know About Concrete Foundation Laying

The experts at Mission Viejo Concrete Services, take a lot of pride when it comes to delivering superior work for concrete foundations. We deal with projects and jobs of any size in Mission Viejo, CA, and you can rely on our company for a robust and reliable foundation designed to support the weight of your property for many years to come. 

What Is A Concrete Foundation?

Foundations make up the main element for just about any structure. It performs the role of connecting the structure of a building to the ground. The foundations play an important role when it comes to the stability of structures. A foundation evenly distributes the weight of a structure over large areas to prevent overloading. Foundations made from concrete offer excellent strength for the foundations of a structure. Concrete is a highly durable and robust building material that assists with constructing stable buildings. These are the types of foundations that will last for many decades. 

Concrete Foundation Types


This is a traditional foundation method that is typically used in regions where the soil will freeze over the winter months. Walls are added from the footing, that is built under the ground (maximum depth) where the soil no longer freezes in winter. The T-shaped footing is wider than the walls which offer support from the base. With T-shaped foundations, the footing is first placed. The next step involves constructing and pouring the walls and the last step involves placing the slab. 

Slab On Grade Foundation

The Slab-On-Grade foundations involve pouring a concrete slab foundation over the ground rather than supporting the foundation with a footing. The edges of the slab will be kept thicker when compared to the rest. It offers durable and reliable support for the structure. Yet this type is not suitable for all types of regions, due to the fact that the concrete directly contacts the ground. It is better suited for warm climates, where the ground does not freeze in the winter. This type of foundation is also vulnerable to floods. 

Raft Foundation

With this foundation, the building will rest on top of a single slab made from concrete. In the slab-on-grade foundations, the base slab will only support the lower weight of the building. With a raft foundation, the design and the build will support the entire weight of the dwelling. The columns work on transferring the load that comes from the building’s upper floors, and the slab works on providing support to the lower parts of the building. These foundations are often reinforced with ribs or beams that are directly built into these foundations. When soil-bearing capacity in the area is particularly poor, a Raft foundation is usually the preferred choice. 

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