Concrete Curbing Contractor in Mission Viejo CA

Concrete Landscape Borders

Borders and curbing can easily enhance the landscape of your home. These types of finishing projects can either make or break it, when it comes to the overall look and feel of your property.

Why do you need concrete landscape curbing?

Most homeowners install concrete landscape curbing because they don’t want to put up with replacing broken landscape edging any longer. Concrete landscape curbing is the ideal solution to this annoying problem.

Installing Landscape Borders

  • The first thing to take care of is to complete the sod cutting and the ground preparation. Next, you can proceed to curb installation.

  • The second step is to mix the concrete on a self-contained trailer and to add color as per project specifications. This mixture is a dry mix, very similar to wet sand.

  • Next, the mixed concrete is wheeled to the site, loaded into the machine and extruded to take the shape of an amazing continuous border to emphasize and contain your landscaped area.

Replacing Existing Edging With Concrete Landscape Curbing: Will it Affect my Landscaping?

The installer will only remove your existing edging and will cut away a thin strip of sod. This is needed to allow for the extrusion of the curb against your current edge.

Will I Be Able To Mow My Lawn As Usual?Your mower won’t cause any damage to the curb. You’ll be able to mow right up against it, so you’ll even save a lot of time on this activity.

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